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The Education-Bridge

The Education-Bridge initiative involves the following:
»  Remedial education for children with low competency levels.
»  Community mobilization programs to make teachers, parents and the community aware of their role
  in imparting quality education to children and to bridge the gap especially between parents and
»  Teacher workshops to build the capacities of the teachers to adopt modern tools and methods of
  pedagogy so that teachers can deliver quality education.
»  Teacher incentivization and motivation programs
»  School Libraries and Playground support.

Education-Bridge in Zampathri Pilot program:

The education bridge program is already in the works in Zampathri pilot program. So far we have conducted the following activities.
Remedial education - 15 children since Oct' 2011
Community Mobilization Event - 1 (November, 2012)
Teacher workshops - 2 (November 2011, April 2012)