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1 Project started 1st September,2011 Survey of families started in zampathri
2 Selection of families for RFSP 07th October,2011 Selected 5 families for Remote Family Sponsorship Programme.The families for pilot were selected based on their living condition and need.
3 Selection of sheep vendor and breed of sheep 10th October,2011 Sheep vendor was selected from moshwara and after discussions with animal husbandry department, shopian corridale sheep was selected. The reason being that the Corridale breed is well acclimatized to the area and gain weight very quickly. They are dual-purpose sheep whereas; indigenous sheep produce less wool and are lighter in weight.
4 Signing of contracts and Sheep distribution 19th October,2011 The Remote Family Sponsorship Program was started with the Micro Finance of three corridale sheep to five destitute families of Zampathri. A social group of five families was formed with the intention that these families would give back to their community after the loans were paid back. The families call it "sadqa", in gratitude for the help that they have received from CI. Signed contracts with them.
5 Social group meeting of RFSP Beneficiaries 18th March,2012 The Social Group of RFSP beneficiaries occasionally meet to discuss their common issues.
6 Branding of sheep in chawan,shopian 22th April,2012 CI has been working closely with the Sheep Husbandry Department of Keller. They have been very helpful to the RFSP beneficiaries. The families regularly take them to the centre for vaccinations.
7 Monitoring & Oversight Every month Livelihood follow up forms are filled by monitors every month. During winter, fodder for sheep was also provided by CHINAR International. Sheep were vaccinated every month. Surprise visit are performed by concerned Project Coordinator to check sheep are fed well.