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1 Project started 1st September,2011 Survey of children started in zampathri
2 Selection of children for RCSP and signing of contracts 07th November,2011 Selected 15 vulnerable children for Remote Child Sponsorship Programme and explained terms and conditions to children and their parents.
3 Selection and hiring of monitors and teachers 10th November,2011 Hired two monitors, one local person of the community and other from Keller who is arts graduate and has access to internet. Two teachers from middle school zampathri were hired. MOU between teachers, teacher trainers and CHINAR International
4 Conducted monitor workshop 15th November,2011 Monitors workshop was conducted at CHINAR International in which their terms and conditions were explained to them.
5 Base line of children by DRP's(District Resource Persons) 17th & 18th November,2011 The Department of Education deputed two Resource persons with expertise in remedial education to Zampathri. An academic baseline of the children was done by the experts and school teachers. The children were graded in basic subjects and subsequently an individual profile and development plan of each child was created.
6 Distribution of supplies 18th November,2011 Distributed blankets, clothes, stationary and hygiene kit to children
7 One day workshop on teaching methods 19th November,2011 Two education experts held a one day workshop on different methods of teaching and emphasized on remedial teaching for academically weak children.
8 Distribution of de-worming pills 20th December,2011 CI distributed deworming medicine to children. The medicine was donated by a local pharmaceutical distributor
9 Distribution of winter clothes 23rd December,2011 Winter clothes were distributed to children including pherans, sweaters, kameez- shalwar to girls and trousers and warmers to boys.
10 Mid-cycle evaluation of children academics 1st February,2012 Evaluation performed with help of teachers, trainers and monitor. Child confident in reading and writing skills
11 Health Check-up of beneficiaries in sub district hospital in Keller 19th March,2012 Health check-up of children was done at sub district hospital in Keller
12 Two days teachers workshop on remedial education 10th & 11th April,2012 CI in collaboration with the Department of Education, Shopian conducted a two day workshop on Remedial Education. All the primary and middle school teachers of Zampathri participated in it. (District Resource Persons) & ZRP's (Zonal Resource Persons) threw some light on remedial teaching, characters and phases etc. They discussed the importance of remedial education in helping children come up to par with their peers.The workshop was appreciated by the teachers and parents
13 Distribution of school shoes and sweaters 19th May,2012 Distributed school shoes and sweaters to children.
14 End of pilot 31st April,2012 The pilot was declared successful as children met a CI attendance criterion which was 80% per month and also there was seen improvement in studies as compared to previous results (base line). The children go to school regularly and take part in the remedial education program.
15 Monitoring & Oversight Every month Nutritional support like eggs, pulses, rice is being provided each month. Bananas and fortified biscuits are also distributed every week by monitors.
Education and supplies follow up forms are filled by monitors every month. They do monthly checks and monitoring and report back to the concerned Project Coordinator. Moreover, surprise visits are also performed by Project Coordinator to check whether children attend school and tuition regularly