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A new session, a new beginning for 15 families and 35 children - March, 2013

Every child has the right to be nurtured, to be protected and
to be given the opportunity to grow and flourish. This can only happen if a child is raised in a wholesome environment.

With the Remote Child/Family Sponsorship program, CHINAR International is striving to do just that. Not only do we ensure that vulnerable children get basic necessities so that they can attend school and get quality education, we also help the guardians of such children with livelihood support so that the guardians become self-reliant within 5 years and raise their families in a nurturing way.

Starting March 2013, CHINAR International is scaling up the Zampathri pilot program in district Shopian to 10 families and 30 children. As part of livelihood support, families in Zampathri will be given sheep units (5 sheep per family). Five additional families along with 15 children (already selected) will be added to this program in the second half of the year.

Also, starting March 2013 we are launching a new program for 10 families and 20 children from two Zones in Srinagar district (Zaldagar and Khanyar). The families in Srinagar will be getting various livelihood options including small shops/stalls, help with tailoring and handicraft business etc. Fifteen more families along with 30 children will be added to this program in the second half of the year.

It takes around one dollar (50 INR) a day to support one vulnerable child. This translates into 30 dollars (1,500 INR) a month and 360 dollars (18,000 INR) a year. A one-time livelihood support of families averages around 750 dollars (Rs. 37,500). With CHINAR International's planned and monitored livelihood support initiative, these destitute families should become self-reliant within 5 years. CHINAR International will continue to support the children of these families till the families become self-reliant.