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Hafeeza Bano(Tengpora)

Pre flood situation

Hafeeza, a 40 year old widow, used to live in a two storey house with her four sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandson at Tengpora bypass close to the bund. The two storey structure had eight rooms, two kitchens and two washrooms. Fifteen years back, the sudden death of her husband deteriorated the living conditions of the family. The death of the only bread earner worsened the economic condition of the family which forced her children to leave school at an early age and engage in labour work. Two of Hafeeza’s children, Irfan and Iqbal are mechanic and work door to door to make their ends meet. Despite all the hard work and labor, the monthly income of the family doesn’t exceed Rs 4000.

Post flood situation

On 7th of September, the devastating floods inundated Tengpora area of Bemina.Hafeeza and her family ran away for life leaving behind her home and belongings to the mercy of gushing waters. The teary eyed Hafeeza says, “When water came, we all ran out of the colony towards the main road. It all happened so suddenly that we got no time for taking things out of the home. All our belongings washed away. Our house collapsed. We don’t even have spare clothes to wear. We are left with nothing.”Hafeeza, along with her family was living in a tent at Tengpora bypass.

Collapsed house of HafeezaBano

CHINAR Intervention

CHINAR International as part of their flood rehabilitation Program constructed an emergency housing shelter made of three rooms, one kitchen and one washroom for the desperate family to survive through harsh winters of the valley.

HafeezaBanu inside the emergency housing shelter provided by CHINAR

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