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Gulzar Ahmad Ganie (Rehpora)

Pre flood situation

Gulzar Ahmad Ganie, the head of the family, used to live with his wife and seven daughters in Rehpora,Kulgam.Gulzar is a sand miner and earns a monthly income of Rs 3000 to fulfill the daily needs of his family. He owned a single storeyedkacha house without any additional assets in the form of land or livestock. In this unmanageable income, it was difficult for him to meet the educational needs of his seven daughters in addition to the family needs. His eldest daughter, namely Shoqi Jan is 12 years old, followed by Saima(10),Arbina(9),Farheena(7), Ishrat(6), Aneesa(5) and Nahida(3).His wife has become feeble and anemic due to seven subsequent pregnancies.Gulzar carried on and somehow managed the education and living needs of the family.

Post flood situation

On September 7, 2014, the flood waters carried away his home and all the belongings.Gulzar took shelter in the tent along with his wife and seven minor daughters.Gulzar says, “When floods swept away my house, I had no idea about where I will go along with my wife and little daughters. I have lost all my belongings. I am left with nothing.”He had sleepless nights while living in a tent with seven daughters.

Gulzar was living in a tent with seven daughters

Gulzar Ahmad Ganie, standing near the house under construction

CHINAR Intervention

Under its shelter and reconstruction programme, CHINAR gave cash assistance to Gulzar Ahmad for the reconstruction of house.Gulzar constructed two roomed concrete house to secure his family from the harsh winters. Gulzar Ahmad is one of the beneficiaries under self-built category of CHINAR’s shelter rehabilitation program.

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