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Inside muddy lanes, at the crossroads of a poor old settlement, just opposite the Tengpora embankment lives a cycle mechanic with his wife, a son and a daughter. Ghulam Mohammad Wani is a man of meager means. He works in a rented shop at Batmaloo area of Srinagar. His daughter,(name), left school after eighth standard due to growing poverty and has been doing household chores with her mother ever since. His son,(name), never saw the light of school and works as a labour to supplementfamily income. The family, somehow, was managing their bread and butter before the devastating flood washed down their home and took away whatever little they had.On 8th of September, when water started crossing over the embankment at Tengpora, Wani and his family took shelter in their neighbor’s house. The current in the water was so strong that it took only an hour to take their house down. “We saw our house crumbling in front of our own eyes but we were helpless. It was a difficult time for all of us” recalls (nameofson). Wani and his family lived at their neighbor’s house for about a month. After that they rented a room at Saraibala but the family did not have enough money to pay the rent. Then they shifted back to a tent at the bund near the

Flood affected house of ghulam Mohammad

home. “We were living in neighbor’s house for about a month. They helped us a lot but we couldn’t have stayed there forever. Werentedtwo rooms at Saraibala but the rent was so high that we couldn’t afford that. So we shifted back to the bund inside a shed. But we couldn’t have lived inside the shed in the winter” says 19 year old son of Ghulam Mohammmad Wani.

Damaged House Of Ghulam Mohammad Wani

Emergency Shelter Built By CHINAR

Ghulam Mohammad’s son smiling inside his new shelter

Chinar international, as part of their rehabilitation program, helped the family to build a temporary mid-term shelter which could lead them through winter. The new structure build by Chinar, in the very yard of the old one, is a two room set made of ply on inside and tin on the outside with wooden floor raised one and half feet above the ground so that water may not seep into the structure when it will pours in winter.

Cooking area and two rooms provided inside the emergency shelter

Ghulam Mohammad’s wife says,“We cannot believe our own eyes that we again have a place to be called our own. At first we thought we might have to spend winter on road inside tent but Chinar saved us from the misery. It is a blessing to have a roof on head.” CHINAR also provided relief material to the family which includes winter kits (mattress, pillows, charcoal, winter-clothes, kangris etc. ) and food kits(cooking oil, rice, pulses, spices, salt, sugar etc.)

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