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Pre flood situation

Adil Ahmad sheikh, a 12 year old dual orphan, lives with his uncle’s family at Shoul, Anantnag.Having two elder sisters, Adil‘s mother died of cardiac arrest two years back. His father, Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh was a street vendor earning a monthly income of Rs 2000.Fayaz also worked as a cobbler to supplement his family needs and manage the education of his children. Due to poor economic conditions and death of mother, his elder sister left studies in class 9th and maintained household chores. Before floods hit Anantnag, his father was suffering from acute food poisoning due to consumption of contaminated water and was hospitalized.

Post flood situation

When Adil’s father heard about floods in Anantnag, he couldn’t survive the shock and died of cardiogenic attack in the hospital where he was admitted .Adil laments, “I lost my father , “I lost my home, I lost everything. Why Allah saved me and my sisters?” The loss of father, home and all the belongings has left three children in constant psychological trauma. Presently; these helpless children live with their uncles in a temporary settlement.

CHINAR Intervention

Under its shelter and reconstruction programme, CHINAR International gave cash assistance to AdilFayaz for the reconstruction of house. Adil’s uncle helped him to construct two roomed concrete structure .CHINAR International aims to provide safe haven to orphans like Adil who lost their parents during September 2014 floods.

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