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Case Studies

Sher Ahmed

Sher Ahmed a poor widower is survived by three sons and one daughter Shaheen. He can’t do any work as he has to sit by the side of his ailing daughter, who is physically and mentally challenged since birth.

very difficult for Sher Ahmed to survive a family of four. At times he was not in a position to get out for work or get any work as a result of which children have to remain empty stomach for days together. Sometimes his eldest son liyaqat has to miss school and stay back to look after his sister so that the poor father could go and get some work done. Further he was not in a position to send his children to school due to lack of basic school supplies. Sher Ahmed finds it hard to meet the both ends. The poverty was at such a level that the whole family was suffering from mal-nutrition. “I would often think for hours and later see myself lying on floor with my children sitting around me with their eyes full of tears “recalls Sher Ahmed. Sher Ahmed is a part of five families that CHINAR International selected for their Remote Family Sponsorship Program pilot in October 2011.After looking at the families condition CHINAR International decided to give three sheep to him as a means of micro finance livelihood support. Besides this, the children were provided clothing, monthly nutritional support, school fees, stationery, and hygiene kit. With the sheep coming home, change was found in the family. Sheep not only bring hope for better future, but also changed their present significantly. After 3 months sheep were multiplied into four. Further, he also sold the wool of sheep which helped him in getting medicines for her ailing daughter. With the coming of sheep in the family, the economical position is now getting stable. Liyaqat is no more required to miss his school and stand near his bedridden sister.