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Case Studies


12 years old Shameema had to leave school some 4 years back because of poor economic condition of family. The family comprises of five members and are living in hilly area of zampathri in a small “dhok” without electricity and even not having proper food to eat. The condition of the family can be judged from the situation itself.

The poor father is the only source of income for the family who could hardly get work every day. He finds it very hard to meet the both ends. The poverty was at such a level that the poor father could not provide them the basic two meals of the day and due to this whole family was suffering from mal-nutrition which was one of the cause of their normal growth. He was not in position to send her daughter to school. Further, shameema’s mother was also suffering from chest disease and the money her father could get from labour was spent on medicines. At times children had to remain empty stomach for days together. It was very difficult for her father to educate his children. There was no ray of hope for the family. Being the eldest in the family Shameema was not able to cope up with the poverty due to which she started taking stress at such an early age. The stress level started increasing day by day which affected her health also and was not even able to talk properly. CHINAR International was on its pilot programme to the village Zampathri in district shopian. After proper research and verification CHINAR International selected Shameema for RCSP (Remote child sponsorship programme) pilot. At first, looking at Shameema’s condition CHINAR International provided winter clothes like kameez shalwar, sweater, scarf, shoes, socks etc. Further, nutritional support like rice, pulses and eggs are also provided on monthly basis. Due to weak economic background her father was not in a position to send her in a school. CHINAR International helped her in getting admission in a Govt middle school Zampathri on 19th November, 2011. Further, CHINAR International had also started remedial education classes where the students are taught by professional teachers. Shameema also became part of remedial education and is getting all the educational support like school uniform, stationary, school fees etc… Initially, Shameema was not at par with other students in studies but with the help of remedial education classes she is giving a tough competition to her mates as she is getting individual attention from her teachers. Shameema is now happily continuing her studies along with other children in standard 2nd and is doing well. This has motivated and encouraged her parents to send her school every day without worrying about her educational and nutritional needs.