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Case Studies


Maqboola is one among many estimated hundred thousand widows in Kashmir valley. She lives in a rented room with her three sons. Her life changed forever when her husband Nazir Ahamd Gorsi was killed by unidentified gunmen, eight years back.

Nazir Ahmad was the sole bread earner of his family. After his death the family fell into abject poverty. Numerous days of starvation made Maqboola look around for menial jobs in the village. She would do manual labor to feed her children. However, this was not enough and her eldest son had to leave school and start working as a laborer. The hopelessness of her situation affected Maqboola’s health and she eventually went into depression. This overburdened her children with more responsibility and created a vicious circle for Maqboola’s family. When Maqboola received three sheep under CHINAR International’s Remote Family Sponsorship Program, she saw a window of opportunity for herself and her children to come out of the state of hopelessness and never ending trauma. Her life transformed when saw her children going school again under the Remote Child Sponsorship Program of CHINAR International. She no longer has to worry about how to get food or clothes for them. And most importantly, her dream of sending her children to school was fulfilled. Her children are regularly going to school and are well fed and clothed. The remedial education program has helped them in compensating for the missed years of education. Maqboola still faces challenges, but her burden is much lighter now. She feels proud in saying that her children who were not interested in school work are now studying late into the night and that she herself finds peace in grazing her sheep.