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Case Studies

Amjad And Shahid

Amjad (10 years old) and Shahid (8 years old) are two brothers who lost their father at the tender age of 2 and 3 years. They live with their mother and older brother in a one room in their grandfather’s house. This room serves as a kitchen, living room, study room, dining room and bedroom, all in one.

Their father, Late Nazir Hussain gorsy, did physical labor and was the only bread earner of the family. Some 8 years back he was killed by unidentified persons. He is survived by one daughter, who got married, three sons and his wife Maqboola. After his death the condition of the family became impoverished and unbearable. The family was not having any source of income and was dependent on charity from their neighbours. The poverty was at such a level that the whole family was suffering from mal-nutrition and bad health. Their mother was not in a position to send her children to school due to lack of basic school supplies and clothes. This forced the two children to stay back home, while the elder brother went for menial labor. Both brothers lost interest in studies. Shahid and Amjad are part of the 15 children that CI selected for their Remote Child Sponsorship Program pilot in November 2011. The brothers were provided clothing and supplies for winter. Nutritional support is being provided each month. Bananas and fortified biscuits are also distributed every week. Besides school fees, CI provides stationery and uniforms throughout the program. Hygiene necessities like soap, tooth brush etc. is also provided. Most importantly, remedial education classes, developed with the expertise of educationists, were started for the beneficiaries. This was a turning point for Amjad and Shahid, both academically very weak and lagging behind their classmates. The remedial class made it possible for them to get individual attention from their school teachers and move forward at a faster pace, while attending the same classes as their peers. This has encouraged their mother to send them to school every day, without worrying about their basic needs. The program has opened a new life for these two orphans who can now be seen studying late into the night.